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What's Included

Artist Workstation:

Client Chair

Artist chair

Adjustable lighting 

Storage cabinet

Utility tray

Shared full-length mirror

Shared inkjet stencil printer station with inkjet stencil paper


Studio Amenities:

Free Wi-Fi

Convenient outdoor smoke-break area

On-site parking

Tattoo supplies provided by The Station: 

Paper towel

Madacide (disinfectant)


Squeeze bottle covers

Plastic chair covers 

Plastic cord covers

Plastic machine covers

Paper gowns 

Powder-free nitrile gloves 

Saran wrap

Tattoo supplies NOT provided—Must Bring Your Own: (Suggested list of supplies)

Tattoo machines 

Disposable needle cartridges


Ink cups

Tongue depressors 

Green soap

Witchazel (skin cleansing astringent)

Squeeze bottles

Sensi wrap

Medical tape

A&D ointment- (single use)

Eternal brand Primary color ink 

Blak Ink by Aligory

Speed numb

Hustle butter

Stencil Stuff

Additional Options:

-Session extensions allowed until midnight when requested

-Each session includes an additional 30 minutes total padding for set-up & break-down. 

- $10/hour for any extra hours accumulated past 5 hours

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