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Why Subscribe:

At The Station, we provide a unique opportunity to jumpstart and progress in your career through an extremely affordable, low-risk subscription plan. Our monthly subscription program is specially tailored for aspiring tattoo artists and beginners, though the service is open to ALL levels of expertise! The plan allows artists to book up to five (5-hour) sessions with clients each month, utilizing our fully equipped professional tattoo workstations. This approach effectively removes the burden of traditional startup and overhead expenses so you can start earning immediately! 

So what are you waiting for?? Save your time, energy, and hard-earned profits and step into The Station —we’ve got you covered!

How Your Membership Works:

Upon subscribing, you will join an exclusive community of artists with access to book our professional workstations during the subscription month as long as space remains available. Once enrolled, you can book all remaining session credits by logging in as needed to pick from a live calendar of available dates.


One-time start-up fee: $150

Monthly service fee: $50

TOTAL Start-up Cost: $200


Your first appointment after signing up is guaranteed. However, the availability and use of subsequent appointment credits are not assured and depend entirely on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the remaining capacity for appointments. 

Any credits not used because of this limitation will not roll over to the next subscription period. We advise you to read our terms and conditions thoroughly at checkout to fully understand our service agreements. 

steps to get Enrolled
Steps to get Enrolled:

1. Must meet ALL 3 requirements:

​​ 2. Fill out the artist registration form and upload the required          documents

3. Select subscription plan

4. Pick your first session’s date & time from the live calendar

5. Complete payment and receive a confirmation email

Upon successful enrollment, you can immediately log into your account to book any remaining sessions you're eligible for, or you can choose to log in as needed to pick from available dates.

Workstation Description
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