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tattooing a person
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Welcome to The Station, powered by Swagga House Tattoo in Elkins Park, PA - a one-stop destination for tattoo professionals and emerging artists!

We know how difficult it can be for artists trying to navigate the tattoo industry. From honing the craft and building clientele to securing a professional workspace and maximizing profits, the challenges are vast. At The Station, we want to alleviate those challenges by offering fully equipped tattoo workstations without the headaches of profit-sharing or hefty overhead costs. It’s about allowing artists to focus on their art and clients, minus the industry’s usual obstacles.

Book one of our tattoo workstations online with ease through our daily leasing option or monthly subscription program and enjoy top-tier client & artist amenities in a professional work environment.

Our Story

My name is Ron Pichardo, owner of Swagga House Tattoo in Elkins Park, Pa. As a tattoo business owner/operator with over 13 years of industry experience, I've observed a significant shift mostly driven by the rise of social media marketing. Modern artists are increasingly motivated to establish their individual brand or business, moving away from aspiring to work at traditional shops. However, the challenges of becoming a tattoo professional persist throughout, including lengthy apprenticeships, profit sharing or starting a business from scratch, shop politics/drama with minimal incentives, especially for newcomers.


We've created The Station to offer both seasoned and aspiring tattoo artists the opportunity to build their own business without the usual sacrifices. Our space serves as a stepping stone for tattoo artist entrepreneurship, providing complete autonomy over your craft and new paths to success!

tattooing a person
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